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My Amateur Carnivorous Plants Site

Please feel free to e-mail me with anything you want to know.
I would just like to mention that i do not buy or sell any plants. I also live in England at the moment and so i will not really be able to help people who want to know where to buy these plants. Most garden centres and nurseries will sell them or will be able to help you find somwhere that does. The e-mail is only really for people to tell me what they think of the site and weather there is anything they think i should change. Plese take this into consideration when writing.
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Click HERE for an intro to carnivorous plants

To see my section on the venus fly trap click here

a venus flytrap

To see my section on pitcher plants click here

a pitcher plant

To see my section on sundews click here

a sundew plant

To see my section on bladderworts click here

a bladderwort

Click HERE for some basic growing instructions.

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